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Nonsense Slot Beliefs

Here are some stories that people tell about what they heard the Casinos do to increase business.

Hot slots by the door. This one has to do with the casino having the best slots by the front entrance, so the patrons get suckered into coming in. This may have been true in the late forties and early fifties when the casinos first blossomed in Vegas. People were afraid or timid about walking into these "dens of evil." So hot machines may have been put by the front door and shills used to get the people interested. You can still hear the garbage about this play today. Nonsense, complete fallacy.

Hot slots on corner. Same theory, different location. In this fairy tale, the hot machines are on the "outside rows" so you get hooked into playing more and more. Ever walk through the Slot section in a typical casino? There are over a thousand machines, and 627 reasons why this theory is dripping with baloney. There are 308 "outside rows."

Slot machine secret by mechanic. Continuing through fairyland, this one has the repairman as the only person who knows that a certain Slot Machine has been "doctored" to kick off a 110% profit. Sure, as if this guy goes to all the trouble to fix a machine, and then doesn't tell his family or friends.

Slots pay off at night. This one is the grand-daddy of all fables in this Mother Goose tale. The casino fixes the machines to pay off only for the people who play at night.

Yeah, they make an announcement for everyone to leave the casino for 10 minutes and while everyone waits outside, they fix 1,500 machines to start paying off. This is done every day about 5 p.m.

For you people who buy this whack-job, one can sell you a piece of an oil well. For you one has a movable Gold Mine. You can just send someone $1,000 in twenty-dollar bills and they will send you an envelope of seeds that you plant anywhere you want on your property, and in three months you'll have your gold mine.

Go back and look over these examples. If you believe or even heard of them, send 2 cents to the IRS. The governent can pay off the National Budget in three weeks because these stories have been around for decades and keep multiplying in infinite lunacy.

Stop believing these nonsense ideas, just enjoy playing the slots.

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