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Some Myths About Loose Slot Machines

A loose slot machine is a slot machine that has been set up to pay back at a greater percentage than other machines. There are slot players who have devoted their time to finding a loose slot machine in a casino. While this has been going on over the years, a few myths about loose slot machines have turned up.

Let's consider some of the myths concerning loose slot machines that have crept through the years. Most of these myths often deal with where loose slot machines are placed and how to find them in a casino.

Myth #1 - loose slot machines can usually be found surrounded by the tight slot machines. There are casino players who love to play more than one machine during a slots session. Some players think that since there might be a loose slot machine in a line of machines, it would provide their winnings by playing more than one simultaneously.

Myth #2 - loose slot machines are placed by the casino staff at the end of the row. The basis for this casino myth is that loose slot machines placed like so invites people to play slots when they see someone winning.

Myth #3 - there are no loose slot machines near any table games. Often, people think that the noise from slot machines distract players on the tables. If that were true then there'd be no place to play slots at all. Another idea behind this casino myth is that these slot machines are positioned to tempt table players to play slots on the way to the cage.

Myth #4 - loose slot machines are often found at the casino's entrance. Casinos want to attract new patrons. One way to do this, as the myth goes, is to have the loose slot machines carefully positioned at or near the entrance to attract people to come in when they see someone winning at slots.

Myth #5 - the casino staff usually place loose slot machines near the cage. The idea behind this myth is that when the casino wants to entice people who are waiting in line at the casino cage to play more by seeing more people win at slots.

There are more myths about loose slot machines out there. In fact you can be sure that the casino's VP for slots have heard all the myths. Applying some common sense, if you were the casino executive, would you place a loose slot machine where people expect them to be?

There are times when we need to be realistic and just use conventional wisdom when playing slots and not hope to nail loose slot machines.

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