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The Fuss About Slot Machines

There was a certain point in our history that the slot machines or one-armed bandits and that casino games are recognizable as casino games. The two sides of the casino industry do not need to meet at all. There was a slight socialization in some gamblers who play video poker on some machines. But the main term here is the lone player.

Casino games are usually a good event to mingle and chat, which cannot be found in electronic machines. That aspect has certainly radically changed with the recent rise of multiple player electronic games like the Rapid Roulette game made by Shufflemaster and Vegas Star, the Digital 21 of DigiDeal and the TouchBet roulette and sic bo of Novomatic.

Slot machine developers Aristocrat and Atronic have jumped into the ongoing revolution by developing electronic games particularly roulette and IGT, a known slot maker is cooperating with DigiDeal to make a portfolio of slot mahcines game. It will be in a multiplayer format in digital form. Some of the game will use a real casino dealer while the prizes is done electronically.

Other casino games lieke the Vegas Star are done by a Random Number Generator. At the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in 2007, the study made by FutureWatch deals with the future of electronic casino games in the market. The study was commissioned by the American Gaming Association.

About sixty-nine percent of the market experts commented that the futures looks very good indeed for the electronic gaming machine industry. About fourteen percent of the experts say that the future is uncertain over the industry. 64% of the survey respondents are not even familiar about the growing demand for electronic casino games in U.S. based casinos.

When the survey respondents were prompted about what kind of casino games should also be offered in electronic features, about 37% of the respondents said the game of blackjack, about twenty percent of the survey respondents commented that they want poker, 19% of the survey respondents commented that they want craps and roulette and no survey respondents picked baccarat. But experts coming from the casino industry commented that they want to keep the interaction between gamblers in the game and that it will be more lively if it is a live game compared to an electronic game.

Most gamblers also commented that they enjoyed live games compared to electronic games. Players also tend to not be intimidated with live games compared with electronic casino games because sometimes they do not know how to navigate the system. The factor of game intimidation and dealer intimidation is something that you should consider. Like in the casino table game of craps. It can be pretty scary for a beginner to play the game because of the exotic bets.

But casinos can really benefit from electronic casino games because they will help casinos to lower their operation costs and pit supervisors will also have an easier time. Casino games are also played in a very fast pace.

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